Grade 9 and 10 students of Boissevain School's Shops Class have been working on a project in partnership with the International Peace Garden, building book boxes for the Garden's flower beds.

A total of 10 book-houses are being built and will be installed in early June.  A book box will contain the books that coincide with the theme of that specific flower bed, following the children's book character or story line, like Clifford the Big Red Dog, or the Lord of Rings theme.

Metalwork instructor, Kyle Dyck, says the grade 9 and 10 shops students have been working on the new book boxes for children to come and take the books out and read them as they travel around the different flower beds.

The ten book boxes are constructed of wood with a metal top so the making of them bring together woodworking skills, sheet metal cutting and welding, building the poles, and then the final paint in green and black, both the Peace Garden and the Boissevain School colors!

"It's a great thing for the students to be able to work together with the Peace Gardens and have their building projects be alongside an international tourism place like that, where many people will see coming from all the different countries," says Dyck.

"To be able to see it and to know that this town here in Manitoba it the place that created those book boxes is a wonderful thing!" he adds.