Students from Boissevain School did some community work on Thursday and collected non-perishable food items for the local food bank.

The shelves at the Boissevain Food Pantry were getting pretty bare so the timing was perfect for the food drive.

Melanie Knight is a volunteer at the Food Pantry and she was thrilled with the response to the food drive. “The high school students did the food drive and some elementary classes participated by bringing food to their classroom. So this drive has been a real blessing for the pantry.”

“This drive produced double the amount of food from the last drive and the food brought in this past week should last for about three months. The shelves have been pretty bare but thanks to donations from local people we’ve been able to buy groceries,” said Knight.

Karen Fraser is another volunteer at the Food Pantry and she says demand certainly isn’t dropping off. “Right now we are at about 20 families every two weeks and the service is needed for sure. The community has been amazing at keeping the Food Pantry stocked.”

The pantry is also changing days of operation and moving away from every other Friday. Starting in May the Boissevain Food Pantry will be open every second Wednesday.

“The Food Pantry is in excellent good shape because we’ve had a couple of really good donations of meat lately and the Boundary CO-OP donates breads and desserts a couple of times a week to help us out