Boissevain students will be canvassing their neighborhood this Monday (April 29th) for their annual Spring Food Drive to stock the shelves of the local food bank.

High School teacher Alaina Adams, says every year the school hosts two food drives for the Boissevain Food Pantry, at the end of October and then again in the spring season.  "This is where students from our school go door to door to collect non-perishable food items to be donated to the Food Pantry."

Adams says this is a great way for the students to partner with their community for a common cause that builds their community. "They recognize that there is a need and in previous events, I know that the students always come back, and they've had a really good experience and that motivates them to want to be able to continue this initiative and help our community.  We do always have a lot of volunteers who are willing to go door to door with us and I think that also speaks volumes of our students here who are willing to put that time in to help."

Grade 12 student, Faith Kentner, says it's been a great experience to have the opportunity to volunteer with the school in the food drive. 

"I've had wonderful experiences with everyone going door to door and they're always appreciative of what we do for the community and how we help," shares Kentner.

Kentner says the Food Pantry is needing most of everything, with canned foods and fruit, pasta and dry cereals being the highest in demand.

Boissevain residents can expect to see students of the School Student Government, as well as softball and baseball teams, going door to door beginning at 5:00 pm Monday evening.

"If you'd like to contribute and you know you won't be home then items can be left on the doorstep and we will pick them up," shares Kentner.  "We usually wrap up around 7:00 pm so anywhere between 5:00 and 7:00 we can be expected to come and pick something up!"

Please listen to the entire interview with Boissevain School high school teacher, Alaina Adams, and Grade 12 student, Faith Kentner, below!