The Boissevain-Morton Arts Council is calling out for artists to join them on a new venture of adding more murals to their outdoor art gallery!

Dr. Danielle Mansfield's new dentist office on main street will be receiving a new mural on their west wall, themed 'Communication' as this building is reflective of the history of telephone systems in rural communities.  The 14' x 17' mural will be dedicated to the Queen in celebration of the Queen's platinum Jubilee, and is partially funded by Canadian Heritage.

The second phase of this year's new additions is the two water towers that stand above the school bus garage and parking lot on the south east side of town.  This pair of murals is funded through a Revitalization Grant by the municipality.

Arts Council President, Lisa Heide, says the water towers is a much bigger project than the dentist office, requiring a strong stomach for high places!

"We're looking for an artist who is willing to go up on a crane and dangle while they do their painting," she explains.  "It's exciting and we just have to find that perfect artist who is not afraid of heights and who has a vision for what we want."

The two water towers have unique features that are two be included in the design: the words 'HOT' and 'COLD' and the areas of rust, that is difficult to cover (and keep covered).  Originally, the plan had been to cover the towers with an adhesive design that would cover the rust spots, but that plan has been set aside, and an actual painting, incorporating these areas is the new plan, or to paint over these affected areas with a paint that will adhere to damaged areas.

"We want to keep the hot and cold theme, because we know the historic values of having that on our water towers and it means a lot to the people of our town," shares Heide.  "So, that's the theme we've put out when looking for artists."

Both projects are scheduled to be complete this summer before winter, ideally during August.

"The mural on the dentist's office is easily done with ladders, but painting the water towers will depend on us getting a week without rain or wind," Heide adds.  "This is the first time we've ever put out a call for artists.  If there a difference between excitement and terrified, I don't really know," she adds.  "It feels impossible at this point but that's what makes it really exciting!"

Mural Project #1 - 'Hot n Cold in the Sky' date for submission:  July 6, 2022

Mural Project #2 - 'Connecting us through it all' date for submission:  June 30, 2022

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