Boundary Co-op members were delighted to receive and deposit their equity cheques over the past few weeks, and with that General Manager, Ryan Polnik, shares his thanks to all their members for their continued support. 

'We are pleased to report that 2022 was a successful year for Boundary Co-op. Your Co-op experienced growth in all commodities and, as a result, Boundary Co-op’s sales totaled $86,316,269,' says Polnik in a letter to their members on their website. 

'Boundary Co-op recognizes how important it is to invest in our local communities, and we continued our strong support by donating over $100,000 to different community groups, projects and initiatives. Two new initiatives we were proud to introduce are our tree donation project and the food waste reduction project, also known as the LOOP program,' he explains.

'The tree donation project allowed us to donate 800 trees to different community green spaces and local projects, while the LOOP program has connected us with local farmers to divert much of our food waste from local landfills.'

Boundary Co-op Marketing Manager, Cheryl Rushing says they were very pleased with the community support with both the tree planting initiative and the LOOP program.

Through the LOOP program food items that have reached their expiration date and produce that is either damaged or expired is given to local area farmers for food for their livestock.  Each week Boundary Co-op diverts as much as 1300 pounds of waste from local landfills through the Loop program.

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"Our LOOP program is ongoing at our food stores, and we've seen some great strides with that in diverting waste from our landfills," she says.  "We plan on bringing that tree planting program back again next spring!"

For the 2022-year, Boundary Co-op's Board of Directors approved an allocation of $2,997,705 and a cash payout of $2,038,522. A total of 5538 cheques were mailed out the week of October 15th, with the average equity cheque being $368.

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