Sheldon Wettig loves curling and is thrilled he’s headed back to the Brier.

The teacher at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School in Brandon has attended close to a dozen national championships when you add in his junior and university play.

“The same guy I went for as a fifth man last time and Jake Higgs, he contacted me again and asked if I’d be interested in full regular position playing third for him. When you grow up playing the sport the Brier is the ultimate dream for somebody so it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

“Last time I went as the fifth man, and I didn’t get a purple heart which is the patch that shows you are a member of the Brier. So, for me this Brier is far more important simply because you get that patch which is a keepsake.

Sheldon Wettig plays in the Super League in Brandon and is thrilled to get another crack at the Brier.

“Curl Canada has something called birth right status, so you have the option of playing for where you were born or where you reside. At the start of a curling season, I can declare to play for Manitoba which where I reside, or I was born in Iqaluit which is where I was born. So, I have the birth right status for Nunavut.”

This year’s Brier will take place in London, Ontario March 3-12 and Wettig says Team Nunavut has one goal. “We’re realistic in that we’re not going to go out there and win the Brier because we don’t have the opportunity to play together and that’s a massive detriment to the team. At the same time, we plan to be competitive, and Nunavut has never won a game at the Brier and that’s goal number one to get that first win for Nunavut.”