The City of Brandon will be hiring more Brandon Community Cadets to work closely together with Brandon Police Service.  

Currently BPS staffs two full-time cadets and two part-time cadets, but they are expanding their cadet program.

Brandon Police Service, Sgt Kirby Sararas, says this a great way for those who are considering a career in police work to actually experience police work in a mentorship-like program.

"This is a very good opportunity especially for young folks who are maybe thinking about a career in law enforcement but maybe aren't too sure, and maybe need a bit more life experience. So, it's a really good opportunity to see firsthand what this kind of career is all about. It gives you a little bit of a taste of policing without that level of responsibility."

Sgt Sararas says the Community Cadet program is two-fold, as it also helps to facilitate the hiring and training of a cadet who is looking to be a career police officer when they feel they are ready for the next level of training.  It helps with the recruitment of their BPS force.

Brandon Community Cadet training takes place at Assiniboine Community College as well as at Brandon Police Service. "And when someone is successful on being hired, they would be paid to go through training, and then once they have completed training, they would go through a field-training program where they are actually out in the community with an officer, or a more experienced cadet showing them how to do the job."

'Under the direct supervision of the Sergeant – Support Services the Brandon Community Cadet is primarily responsible to assist the Police Service in preventing crime and enhancing public safety in the community by being a visible presence to promote safety and security during regular foot patrols in various areas throughout the City of Brandon,' states the City of Brandon Job Bank page.

'The Brandon Community Cadet assists in building relationships between the Police Service and the community while permitting greater opportunity for Police Officers to concentrate on core policing duties. Responsibilities include responding to calls for service and aid with guarding crime scenes, supervision, and transport of non-violent intoxicated person, directing traffic, assisting in ground searches, providing security, and enforcing designated provincial statutes and municipal by-laws.'


Applications must be submitted to the City of Brandon Human Resources office by January 15th, 2024.

Please listen to more with Sgt Kirby Saras below as she shares more on the Brandon Community Cadets position.

For more information visit the City of Brandon website, or the Brandon Police Service Facebook Page, or click HERE!

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