Adult and Teen Challenge in Brandon hosted their annual fundraising banquet earlier this week, with well over 200 people in attendance.

"It was great to get the banquet up and running after Covid! It was awesome," shares Development Director, Aaron Murray.  Murray held the position of Thrift Store Manager over the past number of years at their 7th street location in Brandon.  He says his new role of Development Director is to bring greater awareness to their programming in the Brandon area.

The banquet raised just over $20,000 for their programming and their renovation project at their downtown Super Thrift Store in Brandon.  However, Murray says the evening also focused on networking with other organizations and community stakeholders to help support their outreach to those struggling with addiction, as the new Development Director for the Brandon chapter.

"More than anything, just building new relationships and getting to know more people in the community is what my goal is, as I'm new to this role," explains Murray.  "I think that new connections have been made and people are partnering with us financially, but also with the skills and trades that they can bring to the table.  It's been very beneficial so far."

Funds raised will towards their operating budget for their Women's Centre located just outside of Brandon, as well as the renovations taking place in the lower level of their Super Thrift store, to accommodate more programming and counselling.

"I'm really looking for people to come alongside us and partner with us on an ongoing basis," adds Murray.  "If they can give financially, or if they can give their time through volunteering.  We also have the farm, so if people who are mechanically inclined, or are able to help here and there with other small projects and maintenance that comes up, that would be a big help to us."

For more information volunteering or donating to the Super Thrift Store, visit their website, or click HERE!

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For more information on their Women's Program, please visit their website, or click HERE!

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