A lot of snow has melted away over the past few days but fear not, winter recreation lovers, we are only in November! And the snow is sure to return!

Those who enjoy cross-country skiing and skating on an outdoor rink will be enjoying more ski trails and outdoor ice thanks to the Maple Leaf Food Soccer Complex, which will become a 12-months of year facility.

City of Brandon Manager of Parks, Bryce Wilson, says the sports complex is huge for not only Brandon but also for Southwest Manitoba.

"The facility has been much needed in the area, "explains Wilson. "It'll allow the soccer and cricket to grow in the community.  And also, at the facility there is a 3.6 kms of walking trails."

"This is a 12-months of the year facility, and we fully intend to track ski trails in the winter.  There is a large retention pond that will be used for skating in the winter as well."

With the facility being adapted to every season, Wilson says they want to maximize the use of it.

"The 3.6 km is connected to our whole pathway system in Brandon as well, so it's a great connection.  We're hoping that lots of people of varying ages when it's built in 2025!"

The 9 regular sized soccer fields will facilitate soccer, cricket and ultimate frisbee.  As well an additional field the size of FIFA regulation size will be included in the sports complex.

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