Two of Manitoba's largest agricultural manufacturers are forming an alliance to offer farmers a "total grain handling solution."

Buhler Industries will manufacture a Westeel-brand of grain handling equipment, which will be marketed by Westeel Storage Solutions. Buhler is the manufacturer of Versatile tractors and the Farm King line of grain handling equipment, while Westeel is one of Canada's largest manufacturers of steel storage products.

"When we look at where the two companies are going...they offer a line of grain storage, we offer a line of grain handling, it seemed to be a partnership made in heaven," says Adam Reid, marketing manager for Buhler.

"At the outset, what we're doing, we're going to offer a Westeel branded line of augers through the Westeel distribution network," says Reid. "The majority of those will be made in Morden."

He explains the agreement will ensure there is ample production for the plant in Morden, as well as in Salem, South Dakota and Fargo, North Dakota.  Roughly 185 people are employed at the plant in Morden.

Both companies plan on working together on creating new export opportunities. Reid says they hope to increase sales into markets like Russia, the CIS states, Mongolia, Australia and parts of Europe.

"As we look at the global market, looking at their bin offering with our grain handling offering, I think there's a package there that makes sense, particularily for some of those export markets," says Reid.

~ Tuesday, October 5, 2010 ~