The committee for the Hartney Centennial Centre held their first of two Fall fundraisers at the end of October, raising funds for doing some improvements to the hall.  

"It was an amazing evening," shares committee secretary Sharon Evans. "A lot of people came dressed up as it was so close to Halloween.  We had the Bethel Road band play for the evening, and everybody had a great time. We had the hall decorated and it was just a great evening!"

"And it was great to see such a great variety of ages coming out for the event that night," she adds. "We had everything from your 25-year-olds to your 75-year-olds there. So, it was a very nice evening!"

The October 28th fundraiser brought in close to $3,000 and will be used to upgrade their kitchen area including adding better ventilation, and another cooler system.

Evans notes their second fundraiser will take place the last Saturday in November at the Centennial Centre in Hartney, again to raise funds for the hall.  Mark your calendars for November 25th as the Hartney Christmas Craft Sale will feature approximately 30 tables of the beautiful works from crafters and artisans from across the Westman Region. 

Perfect for Christmas shopping and stocking stuffers!

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