The Boissevain-Morton Farmer's Market is ramping up for the summer months with the first market scheduled for the middle of July.  Board member, Tara Scheirlinck, says the Friday outdoor lunches will continue, but there is a call out for volunteers.

"I contacted the town and they said they could provide some assistance, so we will go ahead with a small Board.  We just need a few volunteers to help with organizing."

The late start to the Friday noon event is attributed to the late start to seeding.  "It seems there is a late start to many things this year, and we're not sure how many vegetables would be ready by the beginning of the usual start of the market in July, so we're looking at the 15th of July as the first Farmer's Market in Boissevain," shares Sheirlinck.

"I need to secure a vegetable vendor," she adds. "It's been kind of difficult as lots of people have gotten out of this, and people who are selling the vegetables in the past, not everyone is still involved in that, but I'm hoping we can find somebody because its very important to have a Farmer's Market with a vegetable vender on site."

The Friday noon lunches will be back in support of area non-profit organizations.  Sheirlinck says the combination of the farmer's market and the Friday noon lunches at the Romance of the Railway Park on the main street in Boissevain are a great asset to downtown events.

"Everyone looks forward to it!"

"But that's kind of where we need our help from," she explains.  "I can do a bit and so can some of the other members, but if we could get some volunteers to help we can get it back to what it was!"

Volunteers are needed to help coordinate the non-profit organizations that have previously hosted the noon meals, to plan the schedule and get those wheels in motion.

"The noon lunches create a nice atmosphere.  People can sit around and visit and make contact with others from the community, and we might have a product [at the Farmer's Market] that you might be interested in, or for friends or family."

Last year's farmer's market attracted anywhere from 6 to 10 vendors.  "It's really good to have the amount of vendors; different people even doing the same thing isn't a bad thing, it's meant to provide different connections to meet different needs."

Anyone interested in volunteering for noon meal planning and setting up of tables, or if you would like to become a vendor at the Farmer's Market, please contact Tara Scheirlinck.