The Hunter Brothers Canada Day concert was a big show that is paying big dividends to a number of community groups in Killarney.

The July 1st concert attract nearly 3,000 people and will end up turning a profit.

Liana Smith is General Manager of the Shamrock Centre and part of the organizing committee. She says they were thrilled with the turnout and how Canada Day festivities unfolded in Killarney.

“It was a fabulous experience. It took us about one year to plan the entire event. We had a great committee that pulled everything together. Most of the user groups will benefit from this. We have minor hockey, minor ball, early roots learning and all the groups that helped us out with volunteers will share in the profits.”

“We had hoped to hit the 3,000 mark and we reached 2,900 so that was great and we couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished” said Smith.

The Kinsmen Club and local agriculture society stepped up and provided the funding so the host committee could secure the band and those groups will get their money back.

“We meet next Thursday to decide what to do in 2023. We want to do something but we aren’t sure of the scale as in go as big as the Hunter Brothers again or if we want to scale it back a bit but we will definitely do something again next year” said Liana Smith.

Smith feels the community could handle another large scale event in 2023 but she says the committee members will take the next week to evaluate the July 1st program to look at ways of improving things and do they want to stay with the country music theme and things like that. So there’s a lot of thought that has to go into what happens next.

Next year Canada Day falls on a Saturday and Liana Smith says that would be another good year for a large scale event. She says the biggest question in planning any Canada Day program is what will the weather be like.


Host committee member Liana Smith talks about Canada Day in Killarney and what lies ahead: