Fresh off a highly successful July 1st concert celebration the Canada Day committee in Killarney is busy planning for 2023.

Co-chair Ryan Heinrichs says they’ve been trying to decide how big to go next year and what type of program to host in 2023.

“We’re looking into things right now and doing an assessment. First of all things like this just don’t happen unless you have great group of volunteers. We have to make sure everyone is onboard again. We just want to make sure everyone is willing and ready to sacrifice that time and put in the effort that’s require to host an event of that scale.”

Close to 3,000 people attended the evening concert which this year featured the Hunter Brothers.

The host committee has talked with sponsors and concert goers to get a feel for how their first large scale event went and what people would like to see in the future. “We need that feed back and so far it has been so positive and right now the demand seems to be for the high ticket type band like the Hunter Brothers” said Heinrichs.

“Our original plan was to maybe do two or three in a row because we have that weekend advantage and then take it from there.”

The host committee is talking with seven or eight bands discussing rates and they hope to make an announcement sometime over the next few weeks.