The Government of Canada will be providing the Canadian Foodgrains Bank with $75 million to continue the partnership responding to food emergencies around the world 

The grant, announced virtually by Harjit Sajjan, Minister of International Development and Minister responsible for the Pacific Economic Development Agency of Canada on Monday, is worth $75 million over three years and will be used to fund emergency response projects implemented through the 15 members agencies of Canadian Foodgrains Bank. 

“In 2020, the world experienced the single largest increase in global hunger ever recorded, a trend that has only continued this year. This predictable and multi-year funding to Canadian Foodgrains Bank will help ensure that food and nutritional support is provided to those who need it most in times of crisis,” said Minister Sajjan. 

Jan McIntyre, a longtime Foodgrains Bank supporter and farmer from near Clearwater, Manitoba, spoke at the event. 

“As a donor, I greatly respect and appreciate the Canadian Foodgrains Bank approach of working in partnership with local partners and organizations already present in a country. Not only does this approach bring practical value, it also respects and offers dignity to the people of the countries and communities we help.  Thank you Minister Sajjan and the Canadian Government for your support of this vitally important work.” 

Last year, the Foodgrains Bank provided $49 million of assistance for 989,000 people in 33 countries. In total, the Government of Canada has provided $699 million worth of emergency assistance through the Foodgrains Bank since 1983.

“The Foodgrains Bank has a longstanding relationship with the Government of Canada. Since its beginning in 1983, the Government of Canada has funded food assistance projects in 68 countries through financial contributions to the Foodgrains Bank,” said Executive Director Andy Harrington. “We and our members are immensely grateful for the additional impact the grant allows us to have in the work of delivering emergency food assistance around the world.”

Canadian Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end hunger. Canadian Foodgrains Bank programs are undertaken with support from the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada. Assistance from the Foodgrains Bank is provided through its member agencies, which work with local partners in the developing world.