A farmer from the Benito area says he would support the Canadian Wheat Board's single desk while ensuring it adapts to meet farmers' needs.

John Sandborn is one of three candidates who have registered to run for the District 9 director position in the CWB elections.

"I feel the single desk marketing system gives producers the best of both worlds. We have the strength of single desk marketing or single price pooling, as well as the flexible pricing options that give producers a lot of options in pricing," says Sandborn.

"The wheat board has changed a lot since directors were first elected in 1998 and I think they need to keep changing to meet farmers' needs, as well as the needs of the end-users of our wheat and barley," he says.

"When there are price increases on initial payments, the timeframe between making the decision to increase the initial prices to actually getting the money in farmers hands, I would like to see that shortened so farmers get their cash earlier," he says, adding he would also see increased board control in the hands of the farmer-elected directors.

So far, Sandborn is facing Garry Draper of Lenore and Ernie Sirski of Dauphin. Draper has clearly stated his support for the single desk while Sirski has not officially declared whether or not he supports the single desk. Sirski say the board needs to improve it's "business focus" and must be willing change to meet the evolving needs of farmers and international customers.

Nominations are open until October 5th.

~ Thursday, October 7, 2010 ~