The latest Canola Watch newsletter reminds producers to monitor fields regularly for insect and disease issues.

There have been increasing reports of cutworm feeding activity, with some canola reseeding in parts of the Prairies.

If farmers see significant numbers or activity, they are asked to send the cutworm species identification to the Prairie Pest Monitoring Network in their location. 

Flea beetles are another insect that should be on the radar for canola producers.

Flea beetles have also been reported sporadically in volunteer canola and, to a much lesser extent, in seeded canola.

Cool-weather and slow-growing canola could mean the seed treatment runs out before the canola is big enough to withstand feeding.

Growers are advised to wait to spray until the action threshold is near to take action, even though there may be pockmarks on cotyledons.

And just a note that diamondback moth levels are moderate so producers should be scouting regularly.