The owner of Killarrney Auction Mart says prices this spring are what producers dream about.

Allan Munroe says it has been a busy and profitable past few months for cattle producers in the area. “Every week we think these prices are amazing and the next week they get even better.”

“We’re seeing levels we’ve never seen before. This past week the high cow was $1.57 per pound so we’re turning so serious, serious dollars. We’re seeing the seven weight steers bringing 21 to $2300 and its good stuff. The numbers coming to town when prices are up, we seem to find a few more cattle to sell.”

Munroe says the spring cattle run is nearing an end and his final sale for the season will be June 12th. He adds you look up into the stands and producers are smiling because they’re getting prices more than they were anticipating.

“I guess the cure for low prices is low prices. We’ve also seen a lot of drought across western Canada and parts of the United States over the past few years and with lower prices the cow herd has been trimmed down significantly. We’re at out lowest level for mother cows than we’ve been at for decades.”

“Fewer cows means fewer calves and that means less cattle to turn into steaks. The consumers love the product and export demand is strong, so everything is finally lining up for the cattle producer,” said Allan Munroe.