It was a hot day on the golf course, but hotter still on the auction block as folks came out to support the Manitoba Livestock Marketing Association (MLMA) at last week's Cattlemen's Golf Classic held at the Killarney golf course.

Manitoba cattle producers, livestock buyers, and stakeholders that keep Manitoba beef staying strong came out for a round of golf, a steak supper and then the live auction at the end of the evening.

MLMA Administrator, Rick Wright, says they were thrilled to see the many that came out in support for both the golfing, and those who joined in the evening event later in the day.

"We had a very successful day, we had 192 golfers and our master chef team cooked a supper for 240 people, and did an excellent job of cooking the steaks," shares Wright. "We had tremendous support from the sponsors in the Boissevain and Killarney areas, as well as our provincial contacts.  We had the biggest number of volunteers from the Killarney area that we've ever had at our event.  So, if we had to rate the score out of 10, it was a 10 out of 10!"

Wright says this was one of the most successful events to date, having to turn away folks who would have liked to take in the golfing.  "The popularity has been very, very good and it's really good to see the cattle industry, and their service providers, get together and have a day where we can just relax and have some fun before we get into the massive fall run!"

Profits from the event will land between $15,000-$20,000. "Of that we'll make some donations to a couple of causes in the Boissevain and Killarney area, and then the rest will be retained by the Manitoba Livestock Marketing Association to offset some of our operating costs," explains Wright.  "The cost of traveling to meetings now in Ontario and Ottawa and into Calgary, where the bulk of the meetings are, have gotten quite expensive, and hotels and everything has gone up.  So, our operating costs have gone up, but we like to keep our membership fees pretty reasonable."

"So, we were quite happy," he adds. "It exceeded our expectations as far as the profitability goes!  A big thank you to all our volunteers and our sponsors!  It was a huge success!"


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