The Board of Boissevain's Cherry Creek Place has hired two new staff members to start at the end of this month.

Heather Garden assumes the new position of Facility Manager of the assisted living complex June 1st.  As well, Keith Wood has been hired to take over the management of Food Services. 

"We're restructuring on the food services side and have hired a new coordinator for the kitchen aspect," explains Board member, George Heide.  "We chose to put more onus on managing the staff and the kitchen and put a little less responsibility on the facility manager.  But it is still shared by the facility manager because she is covering the whole aspect of the building."

"This is a good all-around situation for both of these new staff members," adds Heide.

Restructuring the food services staff helps to further streamline day-to-day operations at Cherry Creek.  Heide notes the Board is very pleased.  "I think its meeting the goals very well. We're still learning as a Board as we go.  We have three new board members come on recently, so we're up to 8 board members now and with new board members there are new ideas, and so we have a well-rounded group."

Looking ahead to summer months, Heide says they will be tending to the grounds with grass and shrubs for beautification at the front entrance.  "We'll finish the paving, landscaping and grass and that will spruce the place up.  This should all be finished up this summer.  The grounds will continue to look better and better!"