The new assisted living facility ion Boissevain is expected to be fully occupied by September.

The multi-million dollar building in Boissevain’s south end opened in August, 2021. The group behind the project Southwest Senior housing thought it would take 18 months to fill all the rooms but things have moved along quickly.

Committee member George Heide calls it a great thing to have the room filled. “In March we were struggling to know whether it would even happen and the last couple of months there has been a real rush of people wanting to move in there so it’s happening.”

Heide says the latest wave of tenants were people who had their name on the original sign up list but there’s also some new people which is nice to see.

“I think the open house created a lot of buzz and word of mouth really spread. It really caught on and people have stepped up.”

Southwest Senior Housing worked on the project for several years before turning sod. A full compliment at the assisted living facility gives them more financial stability.

“Now we can pay our bills and make our mortgage payments and make ends meet. It means a world of difference moving forward. We had a little room left but things were getting real tight and this makes all the difference in the world. It’s a huge accomplishment to get things filled up earlier.”

Since the open house earlier this year there has been a relaxation of pandemic rules and George Heide thinks that helped get more people moving into Cherry Creek Place.

“Landscaping is taking place and grass, flower beds and side walks are going in. It’s all planned and we’re moving ahead.”