The new assisted living complex in Boissevain opened in August of 2021 and this past Friday was the official ribbon cutting at Cherry Creek Place (CCP).

The $6.56 million project came in on budget. The general contractor told the crowd at the ceremony close to $5 million was pumped back into the local economy because local people and businesses were hired.

Ken and Darlene Patterson were the first ones to sign up for a room at CCP and they have no regrets. “We were eager to get in here right from the first day the project was announced. It was something Boissevain needed. We love this place because everything is done for us.”

George Heide is part of the Southwest Senior Housing the group behind the project. “Right now we are about two thirds full with 23 of the 35 suites occupied.”

“It’s amazing the way all this came together. The project is truly a community effort. We’re thrilled to have this become a reality. It’s a huge accomplishment and the envy of the region. We had a few hiccups along the way but everything is running good wit lots of tenants, a great staff and things flowing really well.”

Boissevain-Morton Head of Council Judy Swanson says the assisted living facility was the biggest economic driver in the municipality over the past few years. “Millions of dollars went back into the community and now we are employing people, we having this new housing for seniors and it’s a real turning point. It’s the first step in building a whole complex area for seniors at different levels of their life.”

Swanson says the assisted living group is paying it’s own way so far. “They will need more suites filled and the sooner the better. But no the municipality hasn’t put any money into this because the group has raised money and picked up donations that has taken them to this point. They budgeted for the fact that not all suites would be filled at the start.”

Earlier this month Cherry Creek Place opened it’s dining room to be used to serve breakfast to the anyone wanting to order a meal. “We did it as a way of generating more revenue and to also provide what we thought a needed service in the community” said George Heide.

Ken Patterson says it’s nice to have a facility in town say it helps keep people in Boissevain.

“We get our own breakfast and then we’re down here for lunch at 11:30 and have lunch between then and 12 noon and then we’re back at 5:30 for supper. They’re getting lots of activities going for some of the ones a little more capable than me are doing exercises and floor hockey and a variety of things.”

George Heide also used the ribbon cutting ceremony to launch a fund raising campaign called Cherry Creek Capital Fund.