Boissevain’s new assisted living facility opened in August of 2021 and this week expanded the services it offers the community.

Cherry Creek Place now offers a food service.

Facility Manager Kim Rickard says they’re trying to meet a need within Boissevain-Morton. “As of Monday we started opening our doors for breakfast. We are now serving breakfast from 7:00 o'clock in the morning until 10 and anybody from the community can come out and join us for breakfast during that time.”

Cherry Creek Place is also open for coffee between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.

“We see the need for the community to have a breakfast service and because of that we wanted to open our doors and supply that service to the community.”

Kim Rickard says 23 of the 35 suites at the assisted living facility are occupied.

“We checked with public health to make sure if was okay. We already do catering and some evening meals. We checked with public health and they expanded our license to include the facility as a restaurant as well” said Rickard.

“We’re hoping for a great response but it’s too early to tell. We only have 29 residents eating in the dining room and we have room for 70.”

On the pandemic front Kim Rickard says they’ve increased their sanitizing policies and they checked with public health to make sure they’re following the best practices to make sure everyone stays safe.

Cherry Creek Place will hold its grand opening Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm.