Municipal elections are set for late October and people considering a run for office have a few dates they need to take into consideration.

Voters head to the polls on October 26th.

Ernie Epp is a senior election official and he works with a number of municipalities in southwestern Manitoba. “For anyone considering running for head of council registration opened May 1st. The big thing people need to know is before they spend any money on campaigning have to register and that’s a provincial requirement. So for head of council May 1 and for a council position that opens up on June 30.”

Epp says province wide since going to four year terms about 40 per cent of the council turns over and he wouldn’t be surprised to see the same this fall. He adds another challenge this time around is the COVID challenge and the impact it has had on elected officials.

“For nominations they open September 14th and the last day to file papers is September 20th. The actual election day is October 26” said Ernie Epp.

People looking to obtain more information about the election and what it means to be on council information packages are available at municipal offices.