Manitoba is the birthplace of the Canadian community foundation movement, and Endow Manitoba has recently been developed to take all 46 community foundations to an even higher level.  Rick Frost is the Executive Director of The Winnipeg Foundation, which has taken the lead with the Endow Manitoba program.



Frost notes getting the story out about the work of community foundations will continue to bring in funds. He explains that's where Endow Manitoba has a role, and adds by working together each foundation will grow. Frost tells us everyone is really working hard to make this program a success, and expresses they see a bright future for all of Manitoba's community foundations. He explains even though large donations make headlines, most community foundations are built by funds that are smaller.



Frost notes the idea for the Endow Manitoba program came from a meeting last spring, and they want to keep the momentum going.



He shares the foundations are all a little bit different, but share common goals.



Endow Manitoba's motto is "put down roots, grow your community", and if you'd like to know more on the program visit