The Killarney-Turtle Mountain community is rallying around the Allan and Pam Mitchell family.

On September 17th Allan Mitchell was in the United States when he suffered a stroke. He’s back in Canada and is looking at a long road to recovery and a hefty medical bill from the U-S.

Matt Nichol was one of the friends with Mitchell on the quad trip when things unfolded.

“He had a medical emergency in Rapid City that required him to have neurosurgery a couple of weeks ago. For a few different reasons his insurance had a loop hole and he didn’t have any insurance coverage even though he had purchased it. I’m not going to get into that part but basically his family is left with a large bill for his medical costs and we’re trying to come together as a community to help him and his family the same he’d help us out.”

This past Friday September 30th Allan Mitchell was transported by air ambulance to hospital in Brandon. He’s currently in Brandon waiting on a consultation and will be going to Winnipeg to start his recovery.

“He’s got a long haul but he’s making progress every day but he’s got a long road ahead of him. New things are happening every day but as I said it’s a long road ahead.”

Allan and Pam Mitchell have owned and operated Mitchell N Motion for 26 years and are well known in the community. “He helped a lot of people and he’d never say no and he’s the guy out Christmas Eve fixing your furnace or your hot water tank.”

A community social with a live and silent auction will take place Sunday October 9th. The fund raising event will take place in the hall at the Shamrock Centre.

Tickets are available for purchase for both people attending and non attending. In Killarney Tickets are available at the Co-op Gas Bar, Rolling Pin Bakery Rhythm Cycle Club and at Baby Bump in Brandon. In Boissevain tickets can be purchased at Pringles’ Sports Excellence.

“Between tickets and donations not including prizes we’re already getting close to $30,000 to $40,000 and our hope is to bring in anything we can because they have a large invoice they have to take care of. We’re hoping to get past the $100,000 mark” said Matt Nichol.

He adds they don’t have an exact dollar figure but he says the medical bill will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“We can fit 700 people into the hall and so far tickets sold of both attending and non attending is 600 and we’re sure hoping to get 600 people there. If you can’t make it out you can purchase a non-attending ticket for $25 and the family sure appreciates it.”


People looking for tickets or to make a donation can call Matt Nichol at 204-523-0911