Co-op is now accepting applications for their Community Spaces Grant Program, which started yesterday February 1st.

Community and non-profit organizations can apply for capital funding for funding anywhere between $25,000 to $150,000. 

"With capital funding it pertains to a project where you're needing a bit of a financial boost for a structure or area development, that kind of thing, this is what that money will go towards," explains Cheryl Rushing, Marketing Manager for Boundary Co-op.

Each year, Federated Co-operative invests $1 million to community projects through the Community Spaces program through their western Canada Co-ops.

Boissevain School built an outdoor classroom through the Community Spaces program, and that was already several years ago.   "That's the only project we've seen funded through Community Spaces in our funding region, but we would really love to see somebody qualify and be awarded a grant this year in our area," she adds.  

"$150,000 is a significant amount of money and depending on the project you have, $150,000 can go a long way," she adds.

Capital projects can include skate parks, ski trails, walking trails, park development, green space development, "and then we've seen a real growth in urban agriculture," adds Rushing. "We've seen a real growth in things like urban gardens, or community gardens, thinks along that line.  Anything that benefits as many people as possible in their community."

The Co-op Community Spaces Program was established to improve community health and well-being by building places for Western Canadians to come together, build social connections and enable community development.  This year we celebrate 10 years of the Community Spaces program and Boundary Co-op would love to see one of our local groups benefit from a grant!

Please listen to more with Cheryl Rushing below!

Projects can apply for between $25,000 and $150,000 in capital funding in three categories:

  • Recreation - Providing enhanced recreation spaces in the community.  Examples: recreation centres, playgrounds.
  • Environmental Conservation - Preservation of natural spaces in the community.  Examples: green spaces, interpretive centres.
  • Urban Agriculture - Small-scale agriculture initiatives in both rural and urban spaces.  Examples: community gardens, food education facilities.


Applicants eligible for funding include:

  • Registered charities under the Canada Revenue Agency with valid registration numbers;
  • Registered non-profit organizations under their provincial government with proof of registration (e.g. letters of incorporation);
  • Non-profit organizations partnered with their municipal government who will accept funding and issue receipts on their behalf;
  • Community service co-operatives.

Projects eligible for funding must:

  • Be available and accessible for community use;
  • Align with one of the three funding categories (recreation, environmental conservation or urban agriculture);
  • Be completed within two years;
  • Be a capital project;
  • Be located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba;
  • Provide the opportunity for permanent signage.

Projects ineligible for funding include:

  • Those that support religious or politically affiliated organizations;
  • Those that will have adverse environmental impacts;
  • Those that are third-party fundraising campaigns.

The 2024 application period is now open.  Deadline for applications is Friday, March 1, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. CST.

For more information or to apply, visit