The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan is speaking out regarding the right-to-repair equipment. 

 APAS President Ian Boxall says the concern focuses around a farmers ability to perform basic maintenance or repairs on their own equipment.

"What we're seeing happening is, you know, farmers own our equipment and we hold the right to repair or maintain that equipment as needed. And there's some talk within the industry about some of the manufacturers maybe not letting farmers buy the appropriate computer software and stuff that would be needed to maintain and service that equipment."

Bill C-244 passed second reading in the House of Commons in October, the bill is an "Act to amend the Copyright Act".

A key principle in the Bill is to enable farmers access to the software and computer programs being used in their equipment.

Boxall says they are encouraging further study on how this bill will affect the agriculture sector.

"At the end of the day, farmers own the equipment and should have the right to fix it and maintain it as we see fit, and there should never be any hindrance in us being able to do that."