The planning is over, and organizers of the annual Canada Day Concert in Killarney hope the crowds show up and the weather cooperates for the July 6th show. 

Traditionally the concert is held July 1st but that changed for 2024. 

“The fair has had the last weekend in June in Killarney for the past 140 years, so we knew we had to move our event off that weekend. Really, we were going to be dead in the water after this year anyways with July 1st falling on a Tuesday, Wednesday and then Thursday so out group decided to move it to the next weekend, and we hope to keep it there” said Bart Sutherland with the Killarney Community Events Committee. 

Officials say ticket sales are exactly where they would like them to be, but sales have picked up this week and they’ll be close to their goal. “The first year we sold 2,800 tickets and last year we reached 3,200 and our goal for this year was 4,000 so we’ll see where we’re at come show time.” 


Saturday’s show will start at noon with free admission and a couple of local bands taking to the stage. 


“At 4pm anyone on the grounds without a wrist band will have to purchase one to stay or head out for the day. Then we’ll bring on Hicktown followed by a few more bands and the night will end with Brett Kissel taking to the stage at 9:30.” 

Many community groups are working at the concert. The Killarney community Events group will be contributing $20,000 to those groups to split with the payout based on the number of workers at the event and the hours contributed to making the show happen. 

“When this concert started a few years ago it was about putting on a great show and bringing the community together for one big event. It’s nice to see this concert is pulling everyone in the same direction which is nice to see,” said Bart Sutherland.