Insects: Flea beetle levels are high in some areas, and there has been some foliar insecticide applications for flea beetles. High levels of cutworms have been noticed in some fields in the Northwest region.

Diseases: There are no pressing disease concerns now. Winter wheat is a crop that is advancing and leaf diseases are not likely a concerns, but it is important to anticipate heading and flowering for Fusarium head blight risk. Risk forecast maps to be posted before the end of June.

Weeds: A great week of seeding for most of the province also saw good progress with weed control. Many operations were able to keep the sprayer going while planting, getting a good pre-seed or pre-emerge burn-off. We continue to see weeds like biennial wormwood, wild buckwheat, round-leaf mallow, as well as weeds like kochia and foxtail barley that became well-established in the last couple of dry years. Weeds are growing very rapidly and are fast approaching or past the maximum leaf staging for control.