A cyclist from Killarney will hit the road Saturday morning of September 17 to raise money for the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.

Bob Moore will be cycling for a sixth year in a row to raise money for charity.

The 77 year old plans to cycle his age in kilometers. “I’m camping out in Boissevain for the weekend and plan to leave the International Peace Garden Saturday morning at 10 and head north to Minto. Once I’m there if I need more kilometers I’ll head east down Highway #23.”

Moore will be wearing his helmet and bright crossing vest and hopes people give him a wave, a honk or better yet a cash donation. “I’ve always ridden east -west from Portage to Headingly but last year the wind gave me some problems and my old legs said lets try something new.”

The Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation adapt bikes for children with special needs and he hopes to raise enough money to adapt at least one bike and maybe even two. Last year Bob Moore raised $4,000 and he hopes to reach a similar mark this weekend.

“I’ll be leaving around 10:00 a.m. and Boissevain has it’s festival this weekend so I hope to see lots of people” said Bob Moore.

Anyone interested in making a donation can contact Bob’s wife Sue at 1-204-523-6079.