The Daly House Museum in Brandon are opening up their newest exhibition this weekend!

Opening today, March 9th at 1pm is Daly House's latest exhibit "The Sound of History: Bands and Musicians of Western Manitoba's Past."

Discover the history of Western Manitoba's musical past from the time of the Indigenous peoples all the way to modern day music. The exhibit features a mixture of interactive elements, signage, and audio to immerse visitors' in the area's musical heritage. Admission is free and featuring a live performance from local violinist Rocio Luna.

Museum Curator, Eileen Trott says they've been working on this project for the past 5 years, even before the pandemic so it's been a long time coming!  "We're please to be able to bring it to the community so we can share the history of all the wonderful musicians we've had here in the Westman Region over the past hundred years."

Exhibition spokesperson, Kaelyn Delaurier it's been a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. "Coming up with the idea and then all of the research that was involved.  It was spanning over a hundred years of history so we had to go into quite a lot of resources from our own data bases to others here in Western Manitoba. And then the production of the exhibit as well, that involved making signs, setting up our gallery for our exhibit, raising funds."

The exhibit was funded through the Manitoba Heritage Grant program, as well as the Brandon Area Community Foundation.

Something to note is the selfie picture pose opportunity for those who want to picture themselves in a jazz band!  

The selfie station is a replica of the swing era and podium that might be on stage, so for people who might be playing in the Roy Brown Band!

Please listen to more with both Eileen Trott and Kaelyn Delaurier below!

Photos submitted by Daly House Museum ~ Brandon