Duane Davison has been mayor of Souris Glenwood since the end of October and he’s enjoying the work as he says council looks ahead to projects for the coming year.

“There’s all kinds of infrastructure stuff that’s for sure.”

This is Davison’s first time on a council, so he has spent a lot of time getting up to speed on policies and the process of running a municipal government.

“We have ongoing water and sewer work, and some bridges need to be looked at as they near the end of their life.”

Davison says right now they don’t have any major projects but more along the line of regular maintenance. “We have repairs that need to be done on several facilities within Souris Glenwood including some roof issues and those repairs aren’t going to be cheap.”

“I’m not up to speed on everything at this point but I continue to learn, and it has been interesting and fun to this point. The people that are around have been very helpful. Every day I’m in talking with people and learning stuff. To say I’m up to speed is a bit premature but I’d say I’m on the on ramp but I’m not quite up to highway speed for sure,” said Duane Davison.