Tiny Turtle Playroom in Boissevain returned with a big fund-raising comedy night on November 19th.

It had been a few years since the daycare held a big fund-raising event and board members were pleased with how the evening unfolded.

President Kaylee Oliver said six months of planning went into Saturday’s program. “We wanted to give parents a bit of a break and hold a major fund raiser so we’re not always after people to sell tickets to do fund raising. With things getting back to normal we were hoping we’d have a good crowd of people, and we did.”

About 120 people attended the comedy night.

“Our goal was around $8,000 and we’re close to that and will raise close to the $7,000 mark.”

Money raised will go to repairs and upgrades at the daycare. “Sometime over the next five years would be to hopefully have a new kitchen in the facility. It has to be a commercial kitchen and that carries with it a large cost. Being a non-profit we hope through fund raising and grants we can make it happen,” said Kaylee Oliver.


Tiny Turtle Playroom has 78 children registered at the daycare.