For many years deer living in and around Killarney have been a problem and Mayor Janice Smith says the deer population shows no sign of dropping off.

Over the past decade deer have presented challenges for homeowners and motorists in Killarney.

“I do a lot of walking and I see a lot of deer,” said Janice Smith.

“There are traces of them everywhere. They’ve had to dig down quite a bit to get food so I’m sure they’re struggling this winter. They’re all over the place and I’ve been told they don’t go too far from where they were born.”

Smith says some residents have built fences, others use sprays and many others have simply given up trying to deal with the deer. “It’s sad because the deer are very destructive and there isn’t really any solution to the problem.”

Motorists heading in or out of Killarney are advised to watch out for deer. Janice Smith says in the town’s northeast corner near the elevators deer crossing over Highway 18 can be a real hazard.

“The deer just kind of hang around. I take the dog for a walk and when we encounter some deer there will be a stare down, but they aren’t really frightened. They don’t let you get too close, but they aren’t really keeping their distance either.” said Smith.