Deere & Company has become the sole shareholder in A & I Products, the company which owns Loewen Manufacturing in Altona.

"The A & I Products company has been part of Deere for more than ten years. We've had a partial ownership in the company," explains Ken Golden, director of strategic public relations with Deere & Company. "Now we've expanded our ownership position to be a full owner of the company."

"We have that company, and others, that are in the all-makes part business, which means that we provide parts to not only John Deere equipment, but to all makes of equipment," he says.

A & I Products is based in Rock Valley, Iowa. The company is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor of replacement parts for agricultural, landscaping and industrial markets. Production at the Loewen Manufacturing plant in Altona is focused on combine parts.

So what is John Deere's plan for A & I Products?

"We don't talk very far into the future about what our plans are but I will say that we're committed to being a great all-makes part business and A & I is a key player in that," he says. "They're a strong company with great employees and we look forward to moving ahead and expanding our presence in the all-makes parts market."

Deere has not specifically said what the changes mean for the Altona facility.

Loewen Manufacturing was founded in 1959. It was acquired by A & I Products in 2007.

~ Friday, January 7, 2010 ~