The Winter Olympics in China have generated a lot of interest with people in the Deloraine area because one of their own is competing.

22 year old Ashton Bell is part of Team Canada’s Women’s Hockey team.

Deloraine Winchester Reeve Gord Weidenhamer says the town is buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to see the next Team Canada game.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm to say the least. I think every time you meet someone on the street the conversation turns to Ashton and how proud we are of her. There’s lot of signs around town and people are gathering to watch the hockey and cheer her on.”

Weidenhmaer says with everyone trying to deal with the pandemic it’s nice to have such a positive story that is so close to home.

“That’s the thing with people so sick of covid the positive news in the community is good. To me when I watch Ashton she leads by doing and everyone should be proud of her. It brings the spirits up in the community and these days that’s a great thing to see.”