The executive of the Deloraine Golf Club plans to use a grant through a media company to help make some much needed improvements at the clubhouse.

A cheque was presented to the club on Tuesday.

President Jay Sunaert says the $25,000 is a huge boost for the club. “We have a number of things that need to be done. We’ve got a water system that needs to be updated so everything is potable inside the clubhouse, siding is an issue, we have a leak in the basement that needs to be fixed. You know we also have lighting and audio work so we’ve got a long list and this will help us chip away at that.”

The club doesn’t have a firm cost on what all the repairs and upgrades will cost but Jay Sunaert says while $25,000 is nice it’s just a drop in the bucket for what the club will need to pay for all the improvements.

“It’s a great start and we’ll spend the winter making a plan to set priorities and then allocate accordingly.”

The club also secured a Building Sustainable Communities grant which is a matching grant and some smaller grants through the municipality.

“The water system in the clubhouse is definitely at the top of the list because it needs to be finished up before we open up next year. After that we’ll have to decide what comes next” said Sunaert.

As for the past summer Jay Sunaert said it was a good year for the club with memberships holding steady and green fees and cart rentals were consistent with numbers over the past few summers.