A conditional use order application from HyLife to the Municipality of Deloraine Winchester generated a lot of discussion but in the end council approved the application by a vote of 5-2.

Hylife wants to build four barns south of Deloraine. “I guess the project will move forward but we still have some details to iron out. There will be restrictions with things like roads and possibly a lagoon covers to things like that which we will ask for before the project moves forward” said Reeve Gord Weidehamer.

This is HyLifes first endeavor into Deloraine Winchester. They’re looking at establishing a livestock operation in the south end of the municipality. They’d like to build a multiplier unit that will include 3,750 nursery pigs and 7,800 finishers.

The project generated lots of talk especially around the council table.

“We felt we’d let this go forward and bring some economic development to the region. We look to our neighbours to the east and there’s definitely advantages and we looked at it from that perspective” said Weidenhamer.

Reeve Weidenhamer says the conditions still have to be finalized and HyLife has to agree to those terms.

“It’s a tough decision but we are an agricultural area so you’ve got to respect that. There’s pros and cons and I’m a livestock producer myself and I accept those cons and I hope people see the economic benefits outweigh any concerns.”