An ownership group consisting of a man from Pilot Mound and two others from Winnipeg has purchased a parcel of land along the southeast side of Pelican Lake and work is underway to develop that property.

Castle View Developments has purchased 104 acres of property and work has started to establish lots.

“Our group is headed up by Benjamin Nasberg and Brett Sheffield and Castle View Developments is a new entity,” said Justin LeBlanc who is also part of the ownership team.

“We purchased 104 acres of lakefront property and currently there’s a beautiful piece of property we’re calling “Castle on the Lake” which was a private residence and we’re converting that into an events centre and wedding venue.”

view from lake

“It’s surrounded by cabin front properties and we’re looking to do airbnb out there and we also have an existing campground, and we want to double the lots at the camp site. Down the road we’d like to establish a thermal spa. We’re in phase 1 right now and we’re excited to get going and we already have a couple of weddings booked out for this summer.”

Plans call for development of a number of lots for people to purchase to build cottages on. “We currently have 12 lots for sale right now and they range in size and price. We plan to do our second and third phases as early as this summer and fall.”

Castle View Developments plans to wait for the phase 1 lots to sell before starting on phase 2 and 3.

“Our investors are really motivated about the area. Brett Sheffield is from Pilot Mound, and we really want to work the locals and create some jobs out there. There’s a lot of stories of places closing and we wanted to create up to 100 jobs with construction and the entertainment side of things,” said Justin LeBlanc.

The development has three phases including Phase 1 is the wedding side of things. Phase two is the cottage development pending council support and permits being approved.

Phase 3 will be a potential nordik spa and tennis courts.

“We had been looking for a couple of different properties and I have to say how quickly we fell in love with the area and Brett has spoken very highly of the area and he’s grown up there his entire life, so it was a bit of a no brainer for us.”


Justin LeBlanc encourages people to check out their website for the latest on the development.