Following collaborative discussions with the provincial government and Prairie Mountain Health, The Salvation Army completed a formal transfer of Dinsdale Lodge Personal Care Home (PCH) to Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) effective November 10, 2023.

The transfer, which was initiated by the Salvation Army, was fully endorsed by the PMH Board of Directors.

The move further supports the Salvation Army’s shift in focus toward other programs and community needs in the Brandon area, which are in high demand.

“On behalf of our Board, management and staff, the PMH officially extends a very warm welcome to staff of the Dinsdale PCH,” stated Lon Cullen, Chair of the PMH Board of Directors. “For many years, The Salvation Army has been a valued partner in delivering long-term care services within the health region, and we sincerely thank them for that!” Cullen said.

Prairie Mountain Health CEO Brian Schoonbaert says the transfer doesn’t impact the day-to-day operations of Dinsdale PCH. 

“We are pleased to support the transfer of Dinsdale PCH to Prairie Mountain Health and have reassured staff, residents and families that PMH remains committed to providing the same quality care that was previously provided under the direction and leadership of The Salvation Army,” Schoonbaert stated.

Located in Brandon, the 60-bed Dinsdale PCH previously had an affiliate (non-devolved) relationship with PMH, where the Salvation Army separately owned and operated the Home through a service purchase agreement.

The present Dinsdale PCH was constructed in 1984/1985. It’s named after two prominent Salvation supporters and activists: Walter Dinsdale, who was an MP for the Brandon area for 31 years, and George Dinsdale, who was Walter’s father. George Dinsdale was also a Mayor of Brandon and a local MLA.

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