They say ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ - so when you’re in the middle of spring cleaning, remember those thrift stores in your community! 

Nicole Smith is the Assistant Manager of the Adult and Teen Super Thrift Store in Brandon.  Smith says they've enjoyed their start to summer with folks donating their re-usable items to their thrift store in downtown Brandon.

Smith encourages folks to donate items, as well as volunteer hours, to their downtown Brandon store. 

"You can definitely tell that spring is in the air, the warm weather is coming and then more people get out in the hustle and the bustle," shares Smith.  "We have wonderful supporters and donors who come in and shop and donate, so that's doing really good.  Donations are definitely at a high which is awesome! We want to keep those coming in!"

Smith says they always welcome clothing, household items and furniture, as well as folks who donate volunteer time.  "We're always looking for volunteers and handy-man people to help us, as we are in an older building, so it does take some work sometimes to keep it going."

She adds items like printing paper and other office supplies are always needed, as well as toiletry items like hand-soap and toilet paper are a welcome addition for their bathroom supplies.

Brandon's Adult and Teen Challenge Super Thrift Store is located on 7th Street in downtown Brandon, and is open Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 6 pm.