The Canadian Wheat Board is on the right track according to Lenore-area farmer Garry Draper.

    Draper is one of the three candidates that have publicly declared their intention to run in the upcoming Canadian Wheat Board director election for District 9.

    "I'd like to see it maintained as a producer-controlled, single-desk selling authority," says Draper.

    He says he is "willing to see the system evolve."

    "As our needs as producers change, the wheat board has changed with us. If you look at the pricing options, it's a good example of how they've changed to meet our needs."

    So far, Draper is running against John Sandborn of Benito and Ernie Sirski of Dauphin.

    Nominations are open until 6pm on October 15th.

~ Friday, September 24, 2010 ~