Many Manitobans have embraced the new elicensing way of purchasing hunting and fishing licenses as it can be done entirely online.  For those who prefer a face to face way of buying their licenses, there are still those who do sell them over the counter.

Program and Event Coordinator for the Manitoba Wildlife Federation, Chris Benson, says elicensing is a great step forward for those of us who want to get a license quickly.

"Going to a local store, or outdoors or hunting store can sometimes be a challenge to get there during the store hours for those of us who are at work at regular business hours," he explains. "So it's a great way to get those licenses if at the spur of the moment you get a call from buddy who wants to take you duck hunting or grouse hunting or deer hunting, you can get that license very quickly."

"It's a great step forward for giving Manitoba hunters accessibility," he adds. "It removes one of those barriers of trying to find a store that's open so that you can go and buy that license without having to drive a long distance to get it." 

Benson reminds all hunters that they must carry with them the hunting license and their Hunter's Education Certificate card or copy on them.

For more information on elicensing, visit the link below!

Hunting and Fishing Licences - Manitoba Licensing (

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