The Boissevain-Morton Council has been researching their community to learn more of what residents would like to see in their community.

Council recently created a new Parks and Recreation Board to collect and implement plans and programs going forward. 

New Rec Board members, Council members, and stakeholders held a community Open House titled, ‘Investing in Recreation’, where they officially announced Boissevain’s Recreation Redevelopment Plan. 

Council Member and Deputy Mayor, George Heide, says they had a great response from the community. Detailed information was shared through a power point presentation and info boards of the future plans for the community’s recreation program, inviting the public to respond and ask questions. 

“It was just a ‘come and see what’s going on in our community!’” shares Heide, “and it was a good show – we had around 90 community members attend. We were very impressed with the good cross-section of people, young and old alike. It was really a great afternoon of interacting with community members.” 

“It was very informative and inspiring,” he adds. 

The power point presentation and the survey are both available online where residents can read more on the community projects that are in the Redevelopment Plan.  Information and responses collected at the Open House and the surveys will go towards formulating a more detailed plan of action. “We’ll be using this as information from the public, but that doesn’t say we won’t have another public forum again,” adds Heide. “But we want to know what the people want to have, going forward.” 

A list of community needs and projects are listed in detail in the power point presentation, two of which include the Boissevain Pool and the arena. 

The Boissevain Pool will be de-constructed in August of this year, to which construction of the new one will begin soon after.  Building the new pool will continue through the winter with hopes for opening in July of 2023. The new pool will be user-friendly for every age group with a ‘beach-entry’ and will include an area for swimming laps.  

Council is pursuing funding for the different projects through provincial and federal grant programs, and fundraising initiatives are formulating.

Heide encourages those who were not able to attend Wednesday’s Open House to visit the municipal website and become familiar with the new Recreation Redevelopment Plan. 

“We just want a good feel for what the community wants,” he adds. 

Visit for more on Boissevain's Recreation Redevelopment Plan

Investing in Recreation | Municipality of Boissevain–Morton