It was a busy week for Boissevain area farmer, Ben Martens, who wrapped up their fall harvest with a seasonal celebration, thanks to CJRB Radio's Meals in the Field contest.

Ben's name was drawn back in August out of hundreds of contest entries, the Martens family being the 4th Meals in the Field winner to have their harvest feast delivered to their field or farm.  The extended harvest season brought the party to the Marten's dining room table where they celebrated with family, friends and neighbors.

"We finished up our wheat [on Wednesday night] and we're glad to be celebrating this with Meals in the Field dinner," shares Martens. 

Martens says he's very pleased with this year's crop, especially after a late start and patchy rain.

"The wheat was exceptional, especially the late-seeded wheat that went in, well into June, and it was good.  The beans were good. The canola was variable; some fields were very good and some fields not so good."

The Martens family operates under the name of Martens Charolais and Seed and are very active in their local farming community, participating in the Foodgrains Grow Project near Fairfax where 300 acres of canola were harvested on Wednesday.  "We were at the Grow Project on Wednesday and that went really well!"

"We're very appreciative of the Meals in the Field sponsors," shares Martens. "I think I entered only once at Rocky Mountain," he laughs, "but maybe there were more entries.  But I said to a neighboring farmer who was standing beside me, 'You know, I think I'm going to win this,' and it was only about a week later when CJRB phoned!"

"It was our turn I think!" he adds.

CJRB's Meals in the Field Sponsors for 2022:

  • -Killarney Tire
  • -Boundary Co-op
  • -Moore's Building Centre (Killarney)
  • -G&R Electric (Killarney)
  • - Killarney Shur-Gro
  • -Centennial Farm Supply (Killarney)
  • -Springhill Lumber (Killarney)
  • -HyLIfe (Killarney)
  • -Rocky Mountain Equipment (Killarney)
  • -Rocky Mountain Equipment (Boissevain)
  • -Home Hotel (Boissevain)
  • -Pembina Co-op Minto Agro Centre & Farm Supply
  • -Southwest Agencies (Boissevain)
  • -Sunrise Credit Union (Boissevain)

The staff at CJRB Radio also thank our wonderful sponsors for helping us applaud our local farmers.  We wish many blessings on all our farming families throughout the Westman Region!