The Turtle Mountain-Souris Plains Heritage Association (TMSPHA) has a number of projects in the works to further expand their sharing of local history. 

Project Manager and Board Member, Ken Stories, says they’re looking at ways to update and add to their geocache initiative. 

“That was established some time ago, with about 24 different cache sites around the Turtle Mountain, Souris Plains area,” he explains. “So, we decided this was a good time to update that.” 

“Once again, the goal is engagement,” he adds. “But it goes beyond that because geo-caching gets you out into the territory, gets you out to see the lay of the land. Plus, it helps to keep you informed about interesting tidbits of history in your own region.” 

“So, we’ve updated that and there’s new information on our website, and we’re hoping to expand that as we proceed.” 

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