The Boissevain-Morton Parks and Recreation Board is anticipating a year of increasing local rec opportunities in 2023.

With the Boissevain pool being de-constructed this fall and the new pool and waterpark in the works with a summer opening, the Rec Board is looking at additional opportunities for recreation, including the new hockey rink.

Committee member and volunteer, Mike Megaffin, says the new ice arena building project is just one of the projects that the Boissevain Rec Board will be focusing on in the new year.

"The new facility, which will include the rink and hall, there's a new committee that's been formed to start working on that and I know they're doing a good job with different fundraisers," explains Megaffin. 

"The municipality did a review in the community of recreation in the area and feel that smaller communities will be held together by recreation, so we're looking at some different ideas, and some existing ideas," he shares.  "We've got some good people in place so we're pretty excited about what's on the horizon."

"We're trying to find more opportunities, things for people to do, to see all the different activities that are available," he adds.  "We've been working with the gymnastics club a little bit and there's great support there.  It's a well-received group and there's lots of people who are using that as well."

For Parks & Recreation to facilitate additional programming resources will be needed.  However, Megaffin says the municipality has done a very good job of setting funds aside for the new Rec Board's use.

"We're fairly new to this as we've not yet reached the 1-year point with this committee, so we'll get into the budgetary [details] this year to get a better understanding of that," he notes.  "But it seems right now for everything we're trying to accomplish; the funds are there."