The start of the new year is an opportunity to set new goals.

For the agriculture ministers in the prairies, investment and expanding the agri-food industry are top priorities.

Manitoba's Agriculture Minister Derek Johnson says by 2025 they're hoping to have $1.5 billion of investments and 1550 jobs added to the province, and he feels their protein strategy will be a key contributor.

"We're well on our way, we're right around 60 per cent of those goals. So that's, important to not take the foot off the gas, and ensure that we continue to attract protein processors like Roquette."

In Saskatchewan, Agriculture Minister David Marit points to the success the province has had in attracting Canola expansion, adding they've seen other interests connected to the oat sector. 

He says expanding the opportunities in the agri-food sector is important.

"So the raw product isn't leaving this province is being taken to another stage in the processing side so that we can create more value create more jobs and people will you know want to come and live in this province and work."

Alberta's Agriculture Minister Nate Horner says they want to see a more diversified economy in the province.

"We want to do more with the products we're creating, rely less on, you know putting grain on the train and hoping it can get out of the pores at an appropriate time. Let's do more with it here and create jobs and wealth and value for our farmers."