Over the weekend Southwestern Manitoba appears to have dodged a lot of the rain that was forecast to hit the region.

This spring's moisture has delayed seeding but the forecast appears to be cooperating and producers hope to be on their fields by mid May.

The Colorado lows that hit the province over the past three weekends resulted in lots of moisture with some areas saturated and others flooded. Those conditions vary across Southern Manitoba.

Scott Perkin farms in the Elgin area. “We’re certainly later than normal and we’re looking at possibly around May 10 to start field work if mother nature cooperates.”

“We’re still very optimistic because in this region we had lots of water holding capacity and sloughs and dugouts were pretty dry heading into spring. Ravines and creeks were also pretty dry and the moisture is welcome.”

Perkin adds the Westman region doesn’t really have a moisture issue but a temperature issue as he hopes the daytime highs can reach the mid to high teens.

“May 10th is about two weeks behind when we’d normally be out on the fields. It just needs to warm up and if we get plus 10 to plus 15 weather it’ll make a positive change in everybody’s attitude and we’ll get going.”

Scott Perkin says the later start will likely mean seeding will see producers rolling form on commodity to the next. “It’ll mean longer days but barring any major weather events we’re still well within normal seeding times.”